How to Make the Most of Mobile Local Search

Brands have a lot to gain by embracing geolocation based mobile strategies — and you don’t have to be a big box retailer to benefit from doing so.

Companies are still trying to figure out how to best approach mobile local search by connecting online consumers to nearby businesses and boosting traffic to the physical store.

Geolocation is nothing new, but as mobile wallet and payment options hit the mainstream, business will try to gain recognition in local searches more than ever before.

“The companies that might target mobile-local searchers are not necessarily companies that are doing a great job being found on traditional web,” says Cindy Krum, CEO and founder of marketing and SEO firm Mobile Moxie. “Since mobile-local search is much more about driving foot traffic into a physical location, it is often the smaller, more independent locations that have a lot to gain by being found in mobile-local search.”… Read More (Source: